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Today is world suicide prevention day. In honor of this I am submitting an extra post to let everyone know that you matter. Even when you think no one will miss you this couldn’t be further from the truth, everyone matters. Someone loves you and needs you to be in this world. You matter to someone. Never forget that. Everyone has tough times, but it won’t stay that way forever. The only thing that is forever is death.

Source: via Schmiet on Pinterest

There are many worthwhile causes fighting to stop suicide. To Write Love on Her Arms, National Suicide Awareness, and others. If you are someone you know is contemplating suicide

Causes: World Suicide Prevention Day


I started this blog in order to help myself remain positive in life because no matter how good things are there will be times when the clouds cover my sunshine. I also realized that there are people just like me who need a reminder to keep going no matter what. Sometimes we all just need a little lift to make our day brighter or to remind us that everything is going to be ok. In the few short months that I have been posting quotes with some fantastic pictures this blog has generated a bit of traffic.

I have come to realize that maybe I could use this blog to post a quote about a charity that interests me to share with other people. What would happen if I was able to help spread the word about some organizations that are helping to make the world a better place? In this spirit I have decided to share some organizations that I think are pretty amazing. I hope that you, the reader, will take a look at some of the organizations that I am posting about. If you feel led to maybe you can help spread the word about these causes or make a donation.

If you do decide to make a donation please do some research on the organization so that you know exactly where your donation is going. I always like to check to see how much of the donation is going to what the organization says it is doing rather for administrative costs. Not that I do not think administrative costs are not important I just want more of my donation to go to helping people. This information can usually be found at

Our first post is from Please leave your feedback on what you think about sharing different organizations and/or the actual organization.